Art, Community, and the Environment

Standing at the nexus of sculpture, environmental design and social practice, Linda Wysong creates opportunities to “re-see” the everyday world. Her practice is not centered in object making but utilizes place, space, and experience. The work addresses the cycle of building and demolition, waste, water, communications, transportation, and land use, examining each of these systems in relationship to human history and the natural world.

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Finding the Forest, Sing-age, Bill Boese, October 1991

Finding the Forest, Circle, Linda Wysong, October 1991

Ground Level Keileweg, Rotterdam 62' x 30' x 7' 1992

Moving Circles 1989 overview 16' x 60' x 60'

The Machine & the Garden Tour with Sandy Sampson June 2008

Alternate Arterials, video installation (15' x 10' 37') with sound

Vanport/Delta Park, Waterline (240' long and 130'-50' wide)

Slippery Slope (10' h. and 10' diameter) 2003

Backyard Conversations Performance/Tour June 2008

Lookup Chat poster campaign 2010

Andrews Gallery College of William & Mary, Williamsburg Virginia April 2010

Intersection - collaboration with Linda K. johnson

Beneath Our Feet, Still, August 2005

Beneath Our Feet, Madrone Park, August 9, 2005

On the Road Tour, May 2002

Vanport/Delta Park Station Storm Water Swale

Vanport/Delta Park Station, Waterline

Shifting Assets, South Site, Oak's Bottom Natural Area, 35' x 40'

Backyard Conversations Performance/Tour June 2008

Portland Community College Water Education Plaza Eye River

Portland Community College Water Education Plaza

Bounty - Water Basket, woven copper, patina, stainless steel 48" x 20" x 20"

Bounty - Gathering Basket, woven copper, stainless steel, native wild flowers

Bounty, seating in the landscape, sliced basalt with acrylic

Bounty, the landscape design and wildflowers intregral to the design

Bounty, Gathering Basket detail 2013

Bounty, detail