Resident Residency

Linda Wysong is pleased to be participating in Resident Residency a new neighborhood-based artist residency in Portland. This program is artist organized and distinguishes itself from most residencies because it values artists staying home to focus on the place and people where they live and work. The primary organizers and Residency coordinators are Katy Asher, Ariana Jacob and Khris Soden. The 2014 participating artists are: Krista Connerly, Mack McFarland and Linda Wysong.

This seemly modest proposal has the potential for radical change. It takes art out of the gallery and connects it to the practical and the poetic concerns of daily life.

        coffee, collecting stories, photos & memories, scavenger hunt?
     Meet new people. Learn about the past.  Discover the present.  Work towards the future.
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I have lived in Sabin for 25 years and it has changed enormously. I love being able to walk to a grocery store and eat in good local restaurants. Still, I wonder what is being lost? There was an eccentricity and DYI spirit to the old Sabin. Gentrification is almost an unstoppable force. Is there a way to embrace the new and still honor the past? Maybe the way to begin is to listen and learn.