Backyard Conversations

South WaterFront Portland, OR June 2008

Backyard Conversations? Linda Wysong, AiR Guest Artist June 2008 South Waterfront, Portland OR?A hybrid street performance at the nexus of social sculpture and environmental design, it embraces the vocabulary of the guided tour and its connections to public spectacle and sightseeing. Putting a human face on the glistening pristine concrete and steel of Portland's new South Waterfront community, Backyard Conversations explores the intricacies of building a contemporary urban utopia. ?

Constructing Community- looks at the built environment as a social hieroglyph and considers the interweaving of the many elements that form a community.

??Water - the Machine and the Garden- traces the watershed and follows each drip as it shapes the landscape. ??Footprints Along the River - focuses on the native gatherings and liberty ships that nce graced a watery land that is no more.

??Backyard Conversations Video - by Linda Wysong and Pamela Chipman, focuses on the people live work and build SOWA. ??Backyard Conversations was developed as part of the South Waterfront Artist in Residence (AiR) Program, directed by Linda K. Johnson and was presented in June 2008. Wysong was then invited to participate in TBA:08, the Time Based Art Festival produced by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA).??Additional Support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council


Backyard Tour