Performance/Sculpture Aug 31 - Sept 2, 1991 Portland, Oregon

Intersection was a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Linda K. Johnson that changed continuously throughout its three day existence. A site specific installation set in downtown Portland, it evolved through eight phases. The cyclical piece began with the empty street, gradually rose into the air and ended with the intersection empty once again. Each phase was composed in three parts; (1) work performance, (2) dance performance, and (3) pedestrian walk through. Three times each day there was a complete transformation, each phase of equal importance with no final state of 'finish'. When the modules of shiny steel are grouped and stacked, creating new structure in the once empty city street, the choreography of the work process becomes evident. Getting the job done may call for seemingly awkward movements and uncomfortable positions but there is art and vitality in awkwardness as well as in grace. The urban grid is the frame for this cycle of building and tearing down that is parallel to the performance. Intersection focused on the beauty and energy of daily work and life.


Intersection Performance/sculpture