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Posters and blog. September 2010

Taking the conversation to the streets. The issues are global warming, mercury poisoning, coal power and green washing. Look up and the sky is beautiful but we should not forget that the heavens are key to the global struggle for survival .... look, chat, discover.


Locally the Boardman Power Plant contributes:

 Carbon Dioxide - causes global climate change

 Sulfur Dioxide - contributes to acid rain, impairs visibility, linked to low birth rates

 and respiratory illnesses

Nitrogen Oxides - deplete the ozone layer, increases smog & acid rain, in the water they

contribute to fish kills and algae blooms

Hg Mercury – powerful human neurotoxin that is linked to retardation, cerebral palsy,          deafness, blindness and autism

CO Carbon Monoxide toxic to the development of fetuses and children and can cause    shortness of breath and chest pain in people with heart disease