Pipe Dreams

Bay 78, Portland April 1996

Pipe Dreams is about clean water and what that means in our industrial world. It uses the monumental presence of pipes and the tactile character of the space to make a connection between our homes and the vast subterranean wastewater system.

The installation consists of 2 rooms: one industrial and the other domestic. The industrial space is dimly lit and filled with large pipes that emanate an industrial sound track created by Mike Van Liew. The domestic room has natural light, comfortable furniture and a crazy kitchen sink. The sink is filled with dishes that catch the water as it drips, the drops land in the metal pans and porcelain bowls, and a natural sound piece is created.

The sound, the water and the space all immerse the viewer in an unknown but strangely familiar world. Linda K. Johnson performed twice a week animating the space and interpreting the materials.


Pipe Dreams