Shifting Assets

Springwater Trail, Portland, OR 1999 - 2002

Shifting Assets is a site specific installation consists of several "stopping places" along the 3.5 miles trail. The rocks have been retrieved from the adjacent Willamette River. They are glacial erratics that were carried to Oregon from Montana by the floods of the Pleistocene Age - 2 million years ago.

The sliced stones refer both to the layers of time and the areas geology and human history. The layers of acrylic serve as a metaphor for the natural - light, water and the ephemeral. The cast stones are made of concrete and layered with steel, reflecting the mix of natural and industrial influences in this section of the trail.

The north site is larger in scale and addresses the industrial history of the area. The South site is in the Oaks Bottom Nature Refuge and is a more intimate retreat, just off the main trail.