Slough Research

October 1997 Wentz Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Slough Research is the result of Linda Wysong's exploration of the Columbia Slough, a body of water that has been diked, dammed, polluted and generally ignored for over 100 years. Her research included attending Watershed Council meetings, reading environmental reports, looking at historic photographs, drawing and canoeing. The installation juxtaposes the area's natural assets and its environmental challenges, as well as, referring to its unique history. Just north of the Slough is the site of Vanport, a city built to house ship workers during WW II and destroyed the 1948 flood.

The Columbia Slough area is a watery landscape that is continually being reconfigured to reflect our shifting cultural values. It was originally an open wetland that was transformed into an engineered ditch; now it is being restored to a more natural meander.